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difference between box braids and regular braids

What is the difference between box braids and regular braids?

Women, teenagers, and young girls everywhere are following the lead set by tribal braided hairstyles. One of these is the box braid, which can set off a new trend and last for up to four weeks. Sure, French braids are great, but what about regular braids? How does this technique differ from box braids? Learn […]

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Salon Prices: Tribal Braids Cost, how long does it take to do and how long do they last?

Tribal braids can be expensive, especially if you go to a salon to have them done. The following are actual salon prices compiled from various salon websites online. You’ll need anywhere from four to six packs to get the full effect, depending on their length. For the best results, have your hairstylist determine how many […]

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tribal braids cost

How much does tribal braids cost?

Tribal braid prices? Tribal braids cost $70 to $250 because there are multiple styles and ways to wear them. Professional hair salon or thicker hair will cost more. They can also be plaited to last a long time. Below are the average prices of all types of tribal braids. Design Feed Ins– $2003 hrs 20 […]

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