How much does tribal braids cost?

tribal braids cost
tribal braids cost
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Tribal braid prices? Tribal braids cost $70 to $250 because there are multiple styles and ways to wear them. Professional hair salon or thicker hair will cost more. They can also be plaited to last a long time. Below are the average prices of all types of tribal braids.

Design Feed Ins– $200
3 hrs 20 mins

2 Layer Tribal Braids– $195
240 mins

2 Layer Touch Up (braids on top layer)– $75
120 mins

2 Layer Braids & Box Braids in Back– $200
240 mins

Small Lemonade Braids– $230

Small Braided Ponytail– $275
240 mins

Small Three Layers Feed In– $350
350 mins

Big and Small Feed In Ponytail– $155
120 mins

Small Middle Part Two Layer Feed Ins– $275
250 mins

Small Straight Backs w/ Heart and/or Designs– $200
240 mins

Small Straight Backs– $165
153 mins

2 Feed In Braids– $55
35 mins

4 Feed In Braids– $80
75 mins

6 Feed In Braids– $85
90 mins

8 or more Feed In Braids– $100
90 mins

Half Feed Ins with Knotless Braids in back– $250
240 mins

Kid’s Braids (adding hair)– $100
135 mins

Kid’s Braids (natural hair)– $70
120 mins

Box Braid Touch Up (3 Rows in Front)– $70
120 mins

Men’s Braids– $35
Starting price for men’s braids, prices can vary. 60 mins

What to Know before getting tribal braids

Choose the right tribal braided style for you. Knowing what to expect and what to consider before trying a new braid is easier. Here’s what to know before your braid appointment.

  • When and where you can do it: There is a direct correlation between the complexity of a braided style and the amount of time it takes to complete. In addition, getting braids can take a significant chunk of time out of your day. If you want intricate braids, you’ll need to schedule a few hours in the stylist’s chair, and you’ll need to make sure your stylist is available on those days.
  • Not Pleasant: If you have a particularly delicate scalp, getting braids can be very painful. If you’ve never had braids before, or if you have a lot of trouble with the pain of having your hair tugged on repeatedly, you should know that the braiding process can be unpleasant. The braids’ tightness is the secret to their stability. 

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  • The Capability of Your Braider: Unfortunately, not every braider has the skills necessary to make the stunning braid art we see online. You should take into account your braider’s actual skill level when bringing examples of braids you like to them for imitation. If you’re collaborating with a novice braider, sticking to a simpler look may be the best bet.
  • Preferences in Everyday Styling: Considering your go-to hairstyle routine is essential when deciding which braids to get. If you’re willing to put in some extra effort in the mornings, a partially braided style that leaves some of your natural hair out may be just what you’re looking for. You can skip the styling step altogether by going for full, tribal braids. 
  • Individual Preferences: If you want to change the position of your natural part in your braid design, make sure your braider understands this. Please specify a middle part for your braids. Tell your braider if you want a side part or if you want your hair braided in a single long ponytail at the back of your head. If you don’t like the way your hair will part once the braids are finished, it’s best to let your braider know before they start working on your hair. 
  • Protective Methods:For maximum protection, to promote healthy new growth, and to forestall breakage due to heat styling and rough handling, you should get braids that cover your entire head. If safety is your top priority, you should avoid styles that leave any openings.


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