30 Half Fulani Tribal Braids Half Knotless Braids Hairstyles

Half Knotless Braids

Fulani tribal braids are characterized by straight back cornrows parted down the middle and often accessorized with beads; they originated in West Africa but have since spread throughout the continent.

Black braiders, as is their custom, are not afraid to try new techniques and designs.

As a result, classic looks are frequently updated with novel braid patterns, braiding methods, and length/size variations.

Even Fulani braids are in on the trend, with the modern interpretation characterized by crisscrossed cornrows with knotless braids at the back and freestyled stitch feed in braids at the front in the shape of a heart, star, or butterfly.

Essentially, it’s a combination of knotless braids and the traditional braids worn by women in Fulani culture.

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Here, you’ll find a comprehensive tutorial on how to achieve the look of traditional Fulani braids, including a comprehensive product list and information on the specific type of hair used.

What you need for this hairdo are:

  1. Prestretched braiding hair.
  2. A rat tail comb.
  3. Shine n jam.
  4. Mousse.

Let’s go over some FAQs first, then we’ll dive into the Fulani tribal braids tutorials.

What are Fulani Braids?

The Fulani are the original creators of the cornrow braided hairstyle known as Fulani Braids. There are now a plethora of Fulani braid styles to choose from, such as cornrows with a center part, straight back cornrows, and half tribal braids with curly hair at the back.

What is the difference between Fulani and tribal braids?

Neither is any different from the other. Tribal braids get their name from the Fulani people, an African ethnic group that has since spread across Western, Northern, and Central Africa.

How long do tribal braids last?

Depending on how well you care for your tribal braids, they can last anywhere from four to six weeks.

How much do tribal braids cost?

Tribal braid prices range from $150 to $350, and can even go higher if you have particularly long or intricate braids done.

How to do Fulani tribal braids with knotless braids at the back

Step one: divide your freshly washed, stretched hair into two sections. Seventy-five percent of hair should be in the back, and twenty-five percent in the front.

Knotless back braids or front stitch feed in cornrows are good places to begin.

Those who favor the former can achieve this look by sectioning off their hair and coating it in a thick layer of shine n jam. As is customary when creating knotless braids, begin braiding the hair and feed in the braiding hair as you go.

To finish the back, simply repeat the previous steps.

Stitch feed in front braids allow for a great deal of freedom in design, as was previously mentioned. Incorporate as many patterns as you like.

Cornrow braids, about which more below……

There are a number of ways to achieve this goal of reading more.

No matter the technique you choose, don’t be stingy with the shine n jam on your part lines. The smoother and lower you slick the part line, the more polished off you’ll appear.

Afterwards, you can lay the ends, apply the mousse, and then dip the braids in hot water to set the style (optional).

How to do the butterfly stitch braids design

Here are 30 variations on the knotless braids at the back typical of Fulani tribal braids that you should try out now that you know how to do them.

30 Half Fulani Braids Half Knotless Braids Hairstyles

1) Feed in Fulani braids

fulani feed in tribal braids with knotless braids at the back

2) Tribal Fulani braids

fulani tribal braids

3) Small Fulani braids with a star design

fulani tribal braids with a star deign

4) Small Fulani braids

fulani tribal feed in braids

5) Criss cross stitch Fulani braids

fulani tribal braids | half fulani braids half knotless braids

6) Tribal Fulani braids with a heart

fulani tribal braids love heart design

7) Fulani braids with a heart

half fulani tribal feed in braids half knotless braids

8) Tribal Fulani braids

tribal feed in fulani braids

9) Stitch Fulani Braids with a heart

half fulani tribal braids half knotless braids

10) Ginger Fulani braids

color 350 ginger tribal fulani braids with love heart design

11) Fulani tribal braids


12) Stitch cornrow Fulani braids

half stitch tribal fulani braids half knotless braids

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What Is The Difference Between Fulani And Tribal Braids?

13) Fulani braids with a butterfly design

mixed color fulani braids

14) Long brown Fulani tribal braids


15) Brown Fulani braids


16) Criss cross Fulani tribal braids with a heart

fulani tribal feed in braids with a heart

17) Criss cross Fulani braids

love heart criss cross fulani tribal  braids

18) Criss cross Fulani braids with a heart

criss cross Fulani Braids with a heart

19) Mixed color Fulani tribal braids

half mixed color fulani braids half knotless braids

20) Mixed color Fulani braids

mixed color Fulani Braids

21) Feed in Fulani Tribal braids

feed in fulani tribal braids

22) Criss cross Fulani braids


23) Criss cross Fulani braids with a heart


24) Fulani Braids with knotless braids


25) Jumbo Fulani braids


26) Jumbo Fulani braids

half fulani stitch feed in braids half knotless braids

27) Fulani braids with a heart

long fulani tribal braids with a heart

28) Thigh length half Fulani braids half knotless braids


29) Thigh length Fulani braids


30) Fulani Braids with a heart

fulani tribal braids hairstyles


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