How to do Goddess Braids?

How to do Goddess Braids?
How to do Goddess Braids?

If you want to achieve a look that is more fitting for a goddess, try parting your hair in an interesting pattern. How to make Goddess braids is similar to how to put in a box braid and then turn it into a regular cornrow. You’re not using the conventional feed-in braid technique, which is used for many braided styles that are visual mimics of Goddess braids, like Ghana braids.

You can use your own hair or hair extensions to make a goddess braid. You can make your braid as thin or as thick as you like, but many people use an entire pack of hair per braid.

How to do Goddess Braids?

The number of Goddess braids you wear can vary, from one to three and beyond. On the other hand, at least two braids of varying styles are required to complete the look.

  1. Prepare your hair as best you can. Your hair needs to be washed, combed through, smoothed, and stretched.
  2. Hair preparation for braiding begins with a good stretch of the ends. When your braids are complete, they will have a more natural look if you thin out the ends before you start. To achieve this, flip to one end of your braiding hair and pull at it until the hair is stretched and thinned out at the ends.
  3. Create your desired sections and patterns for your Goddess braid by parting your hair in the way you normally would.
  4. If you want your braids to start off looking neater, use an edge control or gel at the roots. In this case, I recommend the Ebin 24 Hour Edge Tamer Extreme Firm Hold. After that, part a small area near the front of your hair to use as a braid.
  5. Cross two strands of braiding hair in the same way you would to create a box braid. Stick it where the hair is thinnest.
  6. Starting with your hair in a box braid formation, attach the braid going down your scalp as you would a cornrow. Unless you want your braids to be longer, there’s no need to add more hair. You have finally become a Goddess braiding pro!
How to do Goddess Braids?
How Long Do Goddess Braids Last?

How Long Do Goddess Braids Last?

A goddess braid style can only be maintained for a maximum of two weeks. Maintaining this look is the same as taking care of your regular cornrows. It’s crucial to sleep with a silk bonnet or scarf over your hair to preserve the look.

To keep the braids in good condition, avoid getting them wet. Excessive frizz can be caused by this, making the style unusable. Although the trend won’t last, it won’t break the bank either because the going rate is only $40. Additionally, it’s a simple method for those just starting out.

Who Are Goddess Braids Suitable For?

Braiding your hair into a goddess style is a wonderful choice for those with coarser hair types 3A through 4C. More than that, it works wonderfully with natural, relaxed, and transitioning hair. It’s important to keep in mind that Goddess braids, like any other braids, will require some tension if you have a particularly sensitive scalp.

The installation process may be hampered as a result of this. Be wary of your stylist who braids too tightly, as this can cause hair to break and fall out.

When to Wear Goddess Braids?

While these braids are appropriate year-round, summer is when they really shine. Braids are popular among Black women during the summer because they allow the hair and scalp to breathe while the weather is warm.

Are Goddess Braids Versatile?

The variety of braids that can be made with these braids is impressive. The Goddess braids are versatile enough to be worn with the ends down or piled high. Common examples of the style include goddess braids fashioned into buns and ponytails.

Additions, like clips, can be made to the braids to make them more interesting. For a more modern look, some women choose to combine Goddess braids with traditional cornrows.

How to do Goddess Braids?

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What Are Goddess Braids?

The hair in goddess braids is braided closely to the scalp and is thicker than in traditional cornrows. Despite being much fuller than standard cornrows, the braids tend to have a more defined appearance. Their length and fullness give them a divine appearance. In recent years, goddess braids have exploded in popularity as a trendy protective hairstyle.

Pros and Cons of Goddess Braids


  • Braids are a low-cost fashion option. An excellent low-priced braiding style is the goddess braid. The typical price tag is under $40. That’s right; a cute protective look doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The cost of most secure designs can run into the hundreds. If you want to try out a braided hairstyle without breaking the bank, Goddess braids are a great option.
  • In addition, the braids are easy to set up. Goddess braids, on the other hand, take only about an hour to complete on average, depending on how intricate a pattern you want. This cut is perfect for those who are short on time and need to get in and out of the salon quickly.
  • Braids are a convenient and low-maintenance method of hair protection. The low maintenance required by protective styles is a major selling point. The same can be said of this braided design. Putting on a satin scarf or bonnet to bed might be the only adjustment you need to make. No special care or styling is required other than maybe oiling your scalp every once in a while.


  • Because of the braids, it’s possible that they’ll break. Damage caused by goddess braids is the same as that caused by regular braids. They’re meant to keep your hair safe, but too much pressure on your head can do the opposite. It’s crucial to braid your hair at a manageable tightness. Hair will break and fall out if it is braided too tightly.
  • Unfortunately, the braids don’t last very long. While some braided styles, such as those with extensions, can last for months, Goddess braids do not. In spite of your best efforts, goddess braids will only last you a maximum of two weeks.
  • Water will ruin the braids. Braids are a popular way to keep hair safe while swimming or playing water sports. If you want to avoid frizz and ruined goddess braids, this is not the situation for you. In the same vein, if you’re looking for a cut that will let you wash your scalp, this is not the best option.


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