Stunning Stitch Braids: A New Take on Cornrows for Black Women

Stunning Stitch Braids: A New Take on Cornrows for Black Women
Stunning Stitch Braids: A New Take on Cornrows for Black Women

Gone are the days when traditional cornrows were the only option for Black women. Now, with the help of creative hairstylists worldwide, women can proudly flaunt a new cornrow style called Stitch Braids. This intricate hairstyle demands a high level of braiding skill and patience. Though beginners can attempt stitch braids, it takes a lot of practice to achieve this look perfectly.

How to Make Stitch Braids

To make stitch braids, you will need kanekalon hair, which your hairstylist will use to braid along the hair track. You will also need a hair gel to define the edges and a holding mousse to tame flyaways and achieve a smooth and shiny look.

How Long Do Stitch Braids Last?

Stitch braids can last from two to six weeks, depending on how you maintain them at night. Wearing a bonnet and scarf to cover your hair is essential to make the style last longer. If your hair grows fast, the new growth may make stitch braids look frizzy and sloppy, and they will need to be taken out sooner.

The Difference Between Stitch Braids and Traditional Cornrows

Stitch braids and traditional cornrows are quite similar, with the former requiring more of your fingers to create a “stitch” look and more precise parting. Though the difference is subtle, stitch braids have a more distinct look and require more work and products to keep them from frizzing.

Ponytail Stitch Braids Hairstyles

Mohawk Stitch Braids Ponytail

This mohawk stitch braid style requires 1-2 packs of hair, depending on the preferred length.

Red Stitch Braids

To get a similar look, ask your hairdresser to braid red hair into your stitch braids.

High Bun Stitch Braids

Wrapping your hair into a bun gives a cute style that requires minimal upkeep.

High Ponytail Stitch Box Braids

This dramatic style is perfect when you want something attention-grabbing.

Stitch Braids Updo

This classy style is perfect for weddings or work events.

Half up Half down with Crochet

You will need crochet hair to create this half-up, half-down bun style.

High Pony Stitch Braids

Thicker stitch braids look great with a high ponytail and box braids.

Stitch Braids with a Curly Ponytail

Ask your hairstylist to feed crochet hair into the braids to get gorgeous curls.

Half Up Bun Stitch Braids

Complete this half-and-half look with a pack of blonde braiding hair and brown.

Curly Half Ponytail

Some styles look better with a little curl.

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What Is The Difference Between Fulani And Tribal Braids?

Two-Toned Stitch Braids

Braid your hair into your natural hair, then wrap it into a bun for a bright look.

Star Part Stitch Braids

Get creative with the parts and create stars to add style and creativity to your look.

Zigzag Stitch Braids

Stitch braids can be done in a straight line, but zigzag patterns add more fun.

Thick and Thin Stitch Braids

You can get creative with the size of the braids and have multiple sizes at once.

Stitch Braids with Designed Baby Hair

Use your baby hair to create stunning designs and add more character to your stitch braids.


Stitch braids are a stunning take on traditional cornrows and are perfect for Black women looking for something new and exciting. With the right hairstylist and patience, you can achieve this intricate look and enjoy it for up to six weeks. Try one of these ponytail


What are tribal braids?

Tribal braids are a type of braided hairstyle that originated in Africa and feature various techniques and styles that communicate status, age, relationships, and more.

How can I achieve a jumbo tribal braid hairstyle?

To achieve jumbo tribal braids, you will need to use thicker braids and add hair extensions for an oversized effect. Different patterns can be created by varying the way your hair is parted, and rings, hair cuffs, and beads can be added for a unique tribal look.

Can tribal braids be done on short hair?

Yes, tribal braids can be done on any hair length, including short hair. For shorter hair, try a chin or mid-length tribal style, such as center or side-parted Senegalese twists braid style, and add rings and beads for a subtle tribal look.

What are Ghana braids?

Ghana braids are a traditional hairstyle from the country of Ghana and broadly apply to many braiding patterns with a unique tapered effect. To create the Ghana braids look, your stylist will create thin micro braids, which then taper out to more full, thicker plaits and twists.

How can I style my tribal braids for a special occasion?

To give your tribal braids a modern and chic twist for a special occasion, you can style them up in a ponytail or braided bun. For a ponytail, gather your braided hair up to the crown of your head, and for a bun, ask for braids of different sizes, patterns, and thicknesses, then add gold wire for a traditional, gilded touch.


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